Lead like a woman

When you choose a profession that has traditionally been led by men, it’s only natural that our role models are the men who came before us. But, let’s face it, when we try to lead like a man, it usually backfires.

You’re told you’re either uncooperative, too tough or that you’re trying too hard.

As women, we’re raised to be team players and that can be both valuable and detrimental to our success. We naturally know how to work with and for others – yet we’re rarely taught what it means to authentically lead as a woman.

I’ve developed a leadership training program designed specifically for women that helps women become genuine, principled leaders.

I’ve spent my life working with men in a male dominated field and understand the power we have as women – I can help you move forward in a way that feels natural and gets results.

Offering one-on-one and group coaching programs, begin by booking a consultation to find what works for you.

The Coaching and Mentorship Process

Beginning with the basic principles of female leadership, I’ll help you understand what it means to lead successfully as a woman. Identifying ways that we still try to be liked or how to combat that one person who always seems to be sabotaging your success, I’ll help you become aware of the pitfalls and provide tools for effective leadership.

By shifting your perspective and identifying clear goals to work on from day one, you’ll learn how to feel comfortable as a leader – even when required to lead a team of men.

We’ll also apply the 5 Principles of Success every leader owns:

  • Courage – Learn to use your innate courage in leadership
  • Confidence – Find your confidence and be the leader you want to be
  • Communication –Have difficult conversations and communicate with authority
  • Competence – Differentiate between Need to Know and Want to Know
  • Character – Define who you are as a leader

By helping you identify successful outcomes, you’ll be more effective, able to carry out your vision, and have engaged, team oriented and responsive employees.

Instead of trying to find a leadership model that you think fits, develop your own powerful leadership style and move forward in your career!

Begin by booking a consultation to create a plan for you. Coaching and Mentorship can be done no matter where you reside.

Coaching You to Your Personal Success

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Discover the Power of Leading Like a Woman

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