You’ve been trained to be a part of the force, trained to handle high-pressure situations, but have you been trained for the interview process?

You handle difficult situations day in and day out—so you’re probably asking yourself “How can a simple interview cause so much difficulty and anxiety?” You’ve had years of training for every real-life job situation. Still, the opportunity to get promoted in law enforcement only comes every few years and the pressure can be intense.

Even if you know your job and feel like you’ve experienced it all, you’re probably missing a few pieces to help you get ahead. Law enforcement interviews offer a different kind of high-pressure situation than you’re used to.

Promotional Preparation can increase your chances of getting past the competition.

I’m passionate about helping good people get promoted and can show you how to master what you need to know with one-on-one programs or workshops. I’ll guide you through question preparation, mock interviews, and how to create a compelling bio so you can carry yourself with confidence and courage.

I’ve handled hundreds of interviews and can help you with yours. Begin by scheduling a complimentary consultation.

Be Promotion Ready in 3 Easy Steps

Book Your Consultation

During the consultation we will discuss challenges, goals and optimal results. What is your dream outcome?

Personalized Plan

I will create a personalized plan that tackles your challenges and teaches you the skills to discover successful results.

Find Success!

You will be able to execute the skills needed to reach your goals and embrace your success.

Promotional Preparation for the Individual

Get the Promotion You Desire.

Each plan is customized to address your personal needs and we’ll tackle all of the following components to master the interview

  • Understanding your personal vision
  • Command Presence – Be the person in your interview that you are on the street.
  • Crafting a Powerful Bio – Include the critical aspects of your background
  • Be Policy Ready – knowing what’s important about policy and procedure
  • Preparing for Your Questions
  • Power and Relationship Building – Learn the balance of power vs. relationships
  • Mock Interviews- Practice helps reduce anxiety
  • Mastering the Leadership Diamond –Establish a foundation for growth and clear leadership decision making and goals.

You’ll have exercises and coaching to help you move forward over the course of weeks and feel at ease and ready to tackle this next hurdle in your career.

Discover the Difference Preparation Makes!

To learn how I can help you achieve your interview goals, schedule a complimentary consultation today.