Master the Interview Process and Become the Leader You’re Ready to Be.

In order to have a successful organization, you need the best and most qualified people to rise to the top. As a chief of police supervising over 100 officers, I know what it takes to help individuals who have both the skill to handle dangerous situations and the compassion to connect, rise to the top and become great leaders.

You’re trained to do the toughest job in the world – now gain the skills that can get you promoted and allow you to succeed.

I personally know the agony of being unprepared for an interview. You’re nervous. There’s a lot at stake. And then you get the question – the one you can’t answer and you get stuck. You lose focus and are thrown off your game – and just like that you’ve lost your opportunity to get ahead.

I vowed never to feel that way again – and I can help ensure that you don’t either.

As a certified coach and former chief of police, I’ve mastered the interview process and have personally interviewed hundreds of individuals for a variety of positions and levels. I can provide you with the tools to get ahead. Learn your strengths and how to present as a leader.

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Benefits of Working With Me

Be Prepared
and Ready

From building a solid bio to mastering the tough questions, gain the confidence needed to get promoted and succeed. I’ll show you where to focus your efforts and provide you with tools to be prepared and ready.

Lead From
Day One

You’re expected to lead, but when you reach the top, who’s there to support you? Once you’ve been promoted, I’ll work with you to be ready for your job from day one. Lead your team with strength, humility and confidence.

Build Better Organizations

The most successful organizations are those where both men and women take on greater leadership roles. I help organizations build better leaders through training and tools designed to build upon your strengths and execute your vision.

Building Compassionate Warriors

When you understand how to balance the toughness to get the job done with the compassion for the world and the people you interact with, you truly become a leader.

Whether you are an officer or an executive battling on the corporate front, I work with you to help you get promoted and develop strong leadership skills.

Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, keynote speeches and personalized promotional preparedness programs, I can provide you, or your organization, with the tools to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to get promoted, step into a greater leadership role, or better understand the skills that will help you succeed long-term, I can help you build the confidence and clarity to move forward.

Instead of hoping you’ll be recognized, discover how I can help you become unmistakably noticed.